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Conserving the natural environment and culture of the Australian wilderness for generations to come.  We're committed to raise over $1 million by 2025.

We are the not-for-profit entity of Tasmanian Walking Company and Australian Walking Company - leaders in sustainable multi-day guided walks in Australia’s wilderness areas.

Our vision is to inspire people's connection with nature and cultivate real change with a boots on the ground approach. Our innovative projects focus on restoring balance to threatened ecosystems, while protecting vulnerable native animals and promoting sustainable use of wilderness areas.  

100% of your money goes to directly to our projects. All administrative costs are paid for by Tasmanian Walking Company and Australian Walking Company.


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Explore the extraordinary projects and groups we support including:


Conserving Ancient Wonders

Our expeditions with the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens help achieve the urgent goal of mapping and collecting seeds from the montane species of endemic, vulnerable and threatened native conifers. Join our expedition on 31 January 2022.

Walk for Wild

Walk for Wild will raise funds for the largest and most innovative wildlife and landscape regeneration program in Australia’s history - World Wildlife Fund's Regenerate Australia. Join the next walk on 8 October 2021.

Australian Bushfire Appeal

The Australian bushfires burnt more than 6 million hectares, devastating communities, industry, native habitats and wildlife. In response, we set up an emergency appeal raising over $100,000 to support the recovery efforts.

Discovery Ranger Program

Funding park ranger programs in partnership with Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Services encourages local understanding and advocacy of national parks. Visitors leave with an appreciation of these wilderness places. 

Aboriginal Guide Training Program

Learning interpretive and educational skills enables aboriginal guide trainees to share knowledge of Tasmania's heritage with visitors. The program was developed in partnership with The Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania

100% of your donations go directly to our projects. All administrative costs are paid for by the Tasmanian Walking Company and Australian Walking Company.


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