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Bonorong Wildlife Hospital Appeal

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The Tasmanian Walking Company has partnered with Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to raise much-needed funds for their Emergency Hospital which helps to care for over 6000 sick and injured wildlife per year.

100% of your donation will go towards the 24 hour emergency rescue service, helping Tasmanian wildlife recover from injury and make it back to their home out in the wilderness.

We will match your donation dollar for dollar!*


Learn about the Bonorong Wildlife Rescue Hospital

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Donate now

Please reference Bonorong in your donation message.

Why your support is important 

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Where would your donation would be going?

Established in 2010, the Bonorong Wildlife Hospital is the only facility of it's kind in Tasmania. Operating purely on community funding, they currently receive around 14,000 calls per year for injured and orphaned wildlife found around our state. With that many animals in need, the hospital cannot run without the support of the community. 

Your donation will fund the 24 hour emergency rescue service, helping to treat injuries and provide ongoing care to these animals, with the goal of re-emerging them back into their home in the Tasmanian wilderness.


The animals they care for

Tasmania is home to many unique species, some of which can only be found in Tasmania. Devils, wombats, echidnas, wallabies, rare birdlife and more. 

The hospital treats all types of injuries, ranging from minor scrapes to serious injuries which require complex surgeries and lengthy rehabilitation. Most of these injuries are caused by incidences related to human activity (e.g. road trauma)

It is important as the creators of many of these injuries, we help care for the animals and help them get back out into the wild where they belong.

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Tasmanian Walking Company and Bonorong 

The Tasmanian Walking Company and the Tasmanian Walking Company Foundation have a longstanding relationship with Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and the Wildlife Rescue Hospital. Each year, our guides visit the sanctuary to complete their wildlife rescue training, learning how to care for injured wildlife animals at home and out on the track. 


We will match your donation dollar for dollar!*

Donate now

Please reference Bonorong in your donation message.

*Tasmanian Walking Company Foundation will match dollar to dollar up to $10,000.

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100% of your donations go directly to our projects. All administrative costs are paid for by the Tasmanian Walking Company and Australian Walking Company.